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Hallmark Peanuts Gallery Mood Booth-FIgurine-Oakview Collectibles

Hallmark Peanuts Gallery Mood Booth

$ 134.95
Hallmark 2001
Peanuts Gallery
Numbered Edition Figurine
Mood Booth: Lucy

Lucy's "Psychiatric Help" booth cleverly combines two of her great loves - making money and giving advice. While she enjoys the sound of "clinking nickels," she also offers a great service to her friends. She even helped Charlie Brown, her best customer, identify his greatest fear - panaphobia - the fear of everything!

There are 6 two-sided cards that can be hung from the hook on the front of the booth next to where it says "The Doctor is .... Each tag has a different word on each side, cards are in different colors: IN, MOODY, COOL, MELLOW, HOT, STRESSED, CRABBY, OUT, HAPPY, EXCITED, BUSY, AND BORED. The "IN" card is shown in the photo.

Figurine is new in box, in mint condition.
Complete with 6 hanging cards (these are 2-sided for a total of 12 moods).
Box is in excellent condition.
Certificate of Authenticity and information card included.
Original plastic packaging.

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