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Chinese Cork Diorama Set of 3

Chinese Cork Diorama Set of 3

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Vintage 1970's
Chinese Cork Diorama
Set of 3
- 2 Cranes
- 4 Cranes
- 2 Pandas

The detail on the cork diorama is amazing.
Glass and wood frames.
2 Cranes measures about 10.25 inches high.
4 Cranes measures about 3.5 inches high.
2 Pandas measures about 9 inches high.

Condition: Pre-loved vintage condition. On the 2 Cranes there is a small piece of the top tree that detached and is setting on the ledge center right.
Frames have a few scuffs and some wear and tear (these are low cost manufacturing type frames).
They were displayed on an open shelf. We gave them a quick clean up but they may need a little more attention.


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